Patton Electronics DSL CPE


The chief benefit of DSL is that it leverages existing copper twisted-pair cabling infrastructure. That means you can avoid the expense, hassle and delay of replacing your copper facilities with a new CATx or fiber-optic cabling plant. Further, DSL modems, routers, and multiplexer offer flexible configurations that allow you to maximize and optimize the rate and reach of each connection based on the detailed wiring characteristics and noise environment.

Here are links to Patton Electronics OnSite DSL CPE equipment and IPLink Integrated WAN Routers:

Patton 1069/DV/EUI VDSL2 Bridge

Patton 3088
Patton 3088A
Patton 3088A/D/EUI X.21
Patton 3088A/K/EUI E1
Patton 3088A V35

Patton 3201
Patton 3231
Patton 3241

Patton OS2300
Patton OS3300
Patton OS3304/4ETH/EUI
Patton OS3301
Patton OS3302

DSL Terminology

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line
DSLAM – Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
ADSL – Asycnhronous Digital Subscriber Line
VDSL – Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SHDSL – single-pair high-speed digital subscriber line
EFM – Ethernet-in-the-First-Mile
IAD – Integrated Access Device
eSBC – Enterprise Session Border Controller
MTU/MDU – Multi-Tennant Unit / Multi-Dwelling Unit
POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service
ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network