Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders

Enable-IT manufacturers Ethernet Extension devices. These are known as Ethernet Repeaters, Ethernet Bridges, Network Extenders, LAN Extenders, or Ethernet Extenders. The company, founded in 1982, was incorporated in 1997, and has developed decades long hands-on experience with Broadband Ethernet Communication Technology and Ethernet Extender kits/Ethernet Extension kits worldwide.

Enable-IT, Inc. does business with environmentally responsible suppliers and is requiring suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, orders, and policies in providing materials and services. Their products that comply with the RoHS & WEEE Directives — and are available here at DCE Express.

821 Ethernet LAN Extender Kit – 100Mbps 1-port over 1-pair wiring
824 Ethernet LAN Extender Kit – Gigabit 4-port over 1-pair wiring
824W Outdoor PoE powered 824 – Gigabit 2-port over 4-pair wiring 
828 4-pair PoE powered Gigabit Extender Unit
828W 4-pair Outdoor PoE powered Gigabit Ethernet Extender
860 PRO 1-pair Gigabit Ethernet Extender Kit
860W PRO 1-pair Outdoor Gigabit Ethernet Extender Kit

821P PoE Extender Kit 100Mbps 1-port PoE over 4-pair wiring
824WP Outdoor PoE powered 821P Gigabit PoE 2-port over 4-pair wiring
828P PoE Extender Kit Gigabit 2 Port PoE over 4-pair
828W Outdoor 828 Unit Gigabit PoE 2-port over 4-pair wiring
828WP Outdoor PoE powered 828P – Gigabit PoE 2-port over 4-pair wiring
865 PRO PoE Extender Kit Gigabit PoE 2 ~ 4 Port PoE over 4-pair wiring
865W PRO Outdoor PoE powered 865 PRO – Gigabit PoE over 4-pair wiring
865Q PRO 75W PoE Extender Kit Gigabit PoE 1-Port PoE over 8-pair wiring
865QW PRO Outdoor PoE powered
865Q PRO – 1-Port PoE over 8-pair wiring

8948 48-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator
8924 24-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator
8916 16-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator
8908 8-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator
830 ADSL2+ CPE
8955 8-port PoE DSLAM Concentrator
870 PoE CPE for use on 8955 only

324 24V PoE Reducer
360 61W – 56VDC Gigabit PoE+ Injector
375 75W – 56VDC PoE+ Injector
3400R 2400W – 48V ~ 60V DC 1U Rackmount Injector
3600R 488W – 56VDC Rackmount Injector
8805 High Power Gigabit PoE Switch 5 Port 30W per port
8805M Automo`ve Gigabit PoE Switch 5 Port 30W per port
8808F Gigabit PoE Fiber SFP Switch 8 Port 30W per port

265LP Gigabit Lightning Surge Protector Kit