Patton CL1211E and CL1212E New Enclosures

The Patton CL1211E and CL1212E are getting updated improved enclosures!  Aside from the enclosure change, every function remains the same.

The result is that users will get more efficient use of DIN rail space, front facing connectors for easier access to interfaces and LEDs, a higher quality look and feel, more mounting options, and the same core enclosure as the CL1101E PoE Ethernet Extenders

Old Enclosures:

New Enclosures:

NS-1001R-19ADJDIN 19″ Rackmount Adjustable Depth 35MM DIN Rail Kit
INS/A-DIN-35  DIN Rail Installation Kit; 35MM
INS-KIT-MNTPLATE Rear Panel Mounting Plate (for small IND enclosure)
INS-KIT-MNTEARS Side Panel Mounting Ears for Flush Mount (for small IND enclosure)