Black Box Products


Black Box is a leading technology solutions provider that delivers high-value products.  With more than 40 years of experience connecting people and devices, we are dedicated to helping clients embrace the intelligent edge and enable their digital transformation.  Their products address IoT solutions, healthcare, and mission-critical control room infrastructures across commercial enterprises and governmental organizations.

We supply Black Box products.

LWE120A-KIT  Wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet Extender

LBPS310A-KIT Hardened PoE Ethernet Extender Kit  

LB-528A-KIT G-SHDSL 8-Wire 45.6 Mbps Ethernet Extenders

LB300A-R3 LinkGain Ethernet Extender

LB200A-R3 Ethernet Extender

SW853A-R3 Code-Operated Switch

LB320A Ethernet Extender