DCB Data Comm for Business

DCB Inc.- Data Comm for Business – designs and manufactures serial data hardware including high speed access devices, FRADS, ethernet gateways, multiplexers, modems, DSUs, wireless and other data communications equipment.  DCE Express is a leading distributor for DCB.

DCB is guided by the “keep it simple” philosophy.  Years of experience have proven that this approach is the key to system reliability and economy.

DCB products are used in diverse applications such as connecting lottery processing sites to hot standby, video teleconferencing systems, wireless local telephone bypass, Internet service providers, remote WAN management, national networks for retail store POS systems, computer to remote terminal connections, and district-wide school networks.  They still provide communications networks using dial-up, DDS, 56, T-1, E-1, T-3, OC-3, frame relay, spread spectrum radio, satellite, and microwave links.


Here are links to DCB products in various product categories.

Broadcast Polling FRAD
Conitel to Async Protocol Converter
DCB PSU-08 Poll Sharing Unit
DCB Remote Access
T1 Extender
DA-56 DA 56 Async DSU
E1  E-Extender
Encryption and Security
Ethernet Switches
Modem Sharing
202T Modem
DCB IP-6600 Routers
SCADA Multidrop Mux
SR Multiplexers
Voice Adapters
Code Operated Switch

DCB customers include most major manufacturers, financial companies, every major telephone company,many state and local governments, virtually all US government agencies and military branches, railroads, airlines, energy companies, pipelines, television and radio networks, state and national lotteries. DCB products are also sold on an OEM and reseller basis to other data communications companies and manufacturers of computer and electronic systems under private labels.

DCB is known for its innovative communications products and outstanding support.  That’s why you can find their products in the office, factory, substation, vehicle, ship, aircraft, on utility poles and wind turbines, your home town, the desert or Antartica. From low speed serial to T1, gigabit ethernet and OC-48.