Patton Releases New US-Manufactured C1D2 Industrial Ethernet Switch for Hazardous Environments

Made in the USA, the new C1D2 Industrial Ethernet Switch from Patton enables the industrial internet of things by providing network connectivity for harsh and electrically noisy environments.

A Zone-Two C1D2 switch that is made in the USA… That is NOT easy to find.

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton Electronics—US manufacturer of enabling solutions for Unified Communications (UC) and the Internet of Things (IIoT)—is now taking orders for the new Connect-IT CT1005EX unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch, further expanding the company’s already-extensive portfolio of industrial-communication products.

The device delivers reliable, IIoT-enabling Ethernet connectivity for such harsh environments as power and wastewater treatment plants, mining and oil/gas extraction operations, transportation systems, and the like.

The new unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch further expands Patton’s extensive array of hardened and ruggedized network connectivity solutions for industrial communication systems.

“Not all Ethernet switches are the same,” said Johnnie Grant III, Product Manager. “Ethernet connectivity is a near-universal requirement for today’s industrial networks. However, many Ethernet switches cannot tolerate harsh operating environments. A Zone-Two C1D2 switch that is made in the USA… That is NOT easy to find.”

Patton’s new industrial Ethernet switch is designed for use in National Electrical Code (NEC) / International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2)—a.k.a. ATmosphères EXplosives (ATEX) Zone 2—applications.

The CT1005EX offers protection against the ingress of harsh chemicals and organic dust.

The enclosure is resistant to the occasional presence of contaminants in compliance with standards NFPA 497 (explosive gas) and NFPA 499 (dust).