Patton Forefront DSLAM


Patton Electronics’ Forefront DSLAM’s continue to find their way into government and military applications.  Check out the Patton FF3310P/24D/RUI

ForeFront 3310P DSLAM is a compact, 1U high, EFM DSLAM in a standalone form factor. This EFM DSLAM aggregates 24 individual copper pair per G.SHDSL.bis. Each copper pair supports up to 5.7 Mbps-15.3 Mbps. Bonding 2, 3, or 4 pair maintains the same reach but multiplyies the maximum symmetrical data rate up to 61.2 Mbps.

The FF3310P EFM DSLAM L2/L3 switch functions offers individual end-user link management for complete network control. Configuring QoS and ToS/DiffServ is the key for controlling each end-user’s link requirements. Traffic is shaped and policed and ToS/DiffServ bits may be re-striped to enforce and to maintain quality service for the end-user.

EFM bonding over copper wires multiplies the bandwidth of a single twisted-pair link to provide the end-user with a very high-speed uplink and maintain the same distance of the single pair. The end-user�s uplink may be from 5.7 Mbps max with one pair up to 22.8 Mbps max with 4 bonded pairs.

FF3310RC/24D ForeFront EFM G.SHDSL.bis 24 port Front and Rear Card

We offer these units at deep discounts to government, military and resellers.  Call 301-924-7400 for pricing.