Positron MDU and MTU Access Solutions

Looking Beyond Fiber to Deliver Gigabit Internet Services to Multidwelling and Multi-tenant units, Positron access solutions use G.hn GAM technology.

G.hn technology provides managed non-blocking symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing telephone wire or coaxial cable on extended distances, at a lower cost and with reduced complexity.

About G.hn
The ITU-T G.9960 G.hn Wave-2 standard is designed to leverage the existing telephone, UTP, CAT-3 or CAT-5/5e wiring or RG-6/RG-59 coaxial cable to deliver a Gigabit Internet service to each subscriber without the complexity and delays associated with in-building fiber installation. G.hn is ncreasingly used as an Access Technology by Operators looking to simplify their access network and backend infrastructure with an Ethernet-like technology that is highly scalable without some of the inherent complexity of DSL-related technologies. With G.hn, Operators deliver advanced services such as Gigabit High Speed Residential Internet and 4K IPTV without the high capital and operational expenses associated with a fiber retrofit. Each G.hn subscriber port supports up to 1.7 Gbps of dynamically allocated bandwidth for near symmetrical Gigabit services over the existing telephone wire or coaxial cable. The Positron GAM solution is MEF CE 2.0 compliant and is ideally suited to deliver Business Ethernet services in an MDU and/or MTU deployment.

G.hn Delivers Superior Bandwidth over Twisted Pair and Coaxial Wiring Infrastructures G.hn consistently delivers superior bandwidth over twisted pair wire and coaxial cable. G.hn dynamically adjusts the allocation of the bandwidth between the downstream and upstream direction to reflect the real-time traffic conditions for optimal and near-symmetrical performance under all conditions. When operating on twisted pair, G.hn can operate either on a single pair (SISO) or by bonding two (2) pairs on a single port (MIMO) to extend the reach of a Gigabit service to 250 meters.

Deploying the GAM in an MDU
The GAM is designed to optimize coverage in an MDU / MTU over the existing wiring infrastructure to avoid the high cost of installing new fiber inside these buildings. While operation over twisted-pair cabling is always point-to-point, when using a 24-port GAM it is possible to serve up to 384 G.hn subscribers when using a coaxial infrastructure in point-to-multipoint mode with standard coax splitters (up to 1:16 per port). The GAM terminates the links with a G.hn client device such as the Positron G1000-M or G1000-C managed end-points from Positron. Compliant Residential
Gateways with built-in G.hn client support or with SFP ports are also fully supported.

Part Numbers

GAM-12-M 12-port G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) for use over Twisted Pair wiring for 1 pair (SISO) or 2 pairs (MIMO) per RJ45 connector

GAM-12-C 12-port G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) for use over Coaxial cable (F-Type connector)

GAM-24-M 24-port G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) for use over Twisted Pair wiring for 1 pair (SISO) or 2 pairs (MIMO) per RJ45 connector

GAM-24-C 24-port G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) for use over Coaxial cable (F-Type connector)

Managed G.hn Ethernet Bridge Devices

G1000-M G.hn Wave-2 to Ethernet Bridge over Twisted Pair
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) mode
G.hn port (RJ14 port)
Telephone port (via built-in POTS splitter)
Two 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45 ports

G1000-C G.hn Wave-2 to Ethernet Bridge over Coax
G.hn port (F-type male connector)
CATV port (F-type male connector)
Two 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45 ports