FiberPlex Technologies Products


We now carry all FiberPlex equipment.   You may request a quote for any FiberPlex product from us.  We have a long standing relationship with Patton Electronics, which now manufactures FiberPlex equipment in their Maryland plant.

FiberPlex equipment is used by the US NAVY and U.S. embassies to secure their communications.  They deliver trusted, superior technology to government and defense agencies because of their unique proprietary approach to transmitting data.  FiberPlex exploits the benefits of fiber optics to provide a completely unaltered, seamless transport of data in ways that other companies do not.

Here is the line-up of FiberPlex Products which we now carry:

FiberPlex Part Numbers C-DFiberPlex Part Numbers FOM-1090 to FOM-9012
FiberPlex Part Numbers FA to FMFiberPlex Part Numbers HDK-3000 to PSA-T935
FiberPlex Part Numbers FOI-1 to FOI-2591FiberPlex Part Numbers PSM-2010 to RP-6416-A
FiberPlex Part Numbers FOI-2701 to FOI-2996FiberPlex Part Numbers SAC-1-AC to SFP-DUDVT2
FiberPlex Part Numbers FOI-3573 to FOI-3902FiberPlex Part Numbers SFP-HHDVR1 to SFP-SC92X
FiberPlex Part Numbers FOI-4011 to FOI-4982FiberPlex Part Numbers SFP-SHDVCW to SFP-SHDVXC
FiberPlex Part Numbers FOI-5401 to FOI-STS1

FiberPlex FP1004E TD Industrial Switch 6 Port 10/100/1000, 4 Copper + 2 SFP

FiberPlex FPX6000 High Performance Dante Audio/Video over IP Gateway