Patton 3241

Patton 3241 G.SHDSL High-Speed Router


Patton OS3301 Best Replacement for Patton 3241

We typically recommend using the Patton 3241 devices where customers have a relatively long run (3/4 mile to 6 miles), or where their twisted pair goes through a telco central office. Unlike plug and play ethernet extenders, these devices are totally configurable — hence one can set the data rate at a speed which holds a connection over longer distances.

Combining standards-based ITU/ETSI G.SHDSL transmission with high speed IP routing, the Patton 3241 DiamondLink is perfect for bandwidth intensive applications such as LAN-to-LAN networking, multimedia services, and e-commerce transactions.

The Patton 3241 DiamondLink router enables providers to extend their reach-and-range by delivering rate-adaptive nx64 symmetrical speeds from 192 kbps to 4.6 Mbps-all over a single pair of wires.

These units work with the Patton 3224 G.shDSL DSLAM.


The Model 3241 offers easy installation and turn-up. With support for auto-line configuration and ATM, PPP, or Frame Relay, the Model 3241 offers simple interfacing to any network. Its standard IP feature set provides bridging and routing functionality along with advanced IP features like NAT and Firewall, and optional IPSec-based VPN. Get point-and-click control with the Model 3241’s built in HTTP/SNMP management interfaces.

As part of Patton’s family of ipDSL products, the Patton 3241 offers a complete, managed, end-to-end system when used with Patton’s central site ipDSLAM equipment. With these features Patton 3241 offers the clear and easy choice for mission-critical networking.

*Frame Relay encapsulation over DSL for Ethernet traffic is supported with the purchase of a separate license key.*

* G.SHDSL speeds to 4.6 Mbps–Get broadband single-pair connectivity with TC-PAM full-duplex symmetric rates and distances exceeding 32,800 feet (9,754 meters)
* ATM, PPP, and Frame Relay–Versatile interface options enable simple deployment into any network
* NAT/NAPT, Firewall, DHCP–Powerful routing features make shared Internet connectivity simple and secure
* Interoperable with DSLAMs–Take advantage of Patton reliability whether you connect back-to-back or to a third-party DSLAM.
* 10/100 Ethernet with MDI-X–Easily connect to any computer or LAN-the built-in crossover switch eliminates messy configuration cables
* WWW/SNMP Manageable–Built-in VT-100 console port makes setup a snap, and you can use the embedded HTTP/SNMP agent to manage the Model 3241 from anywhere in the world.
* Transparently pass VLAN tagged Ethernet frames over the DSL link.