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DCB IP6600 Async Router, 2 Serial, 2 Ethernet Ports


The IP-6600 is an industrial rated asynchronous router featuring two serial ports and two ethernet LAN ports.

Since each ethernet and asynchronous router serial port is independent, the router has many uses in addition to the commonly used dial-in, dial-out and asynchronous LAN connection modes. It is commonly used as an easily configured stand-alone firewall router using NAT, port filtering, and address filtering.

The two RS232 serial ports operate at asynchronous speeds as low as 300 bps and as high as 230 Kbps.   They may be used to link two separate remote sites with leased or dial connections, one port used for an ISP connection and the second for dial-in, each used for combined dial-in and dial-on-demand dial-out, or other convenient combinations.

The two ethernet LAN connections (one operating at 10BaseT and the other auto-switching at 10 or 100BaseT) may be configured on different LAN segments for DMZ routing, firewalling and port/address filtering, or used as a DSL or Cable modem adjunct for Network Address Translation (NAT) or PPPoE.

The IP-6600 works well with DSL, cable or dial modems, leased line modems, CDPD or GSM modems, wireless links, satellite modems, the DCB DA-56 DSU, or even simple line drivers. The IP-6600 is easily configured as a back-up router or fail-over router by adding a second link while configuring interfaces.

DCB IP6690 Async Router, 1 Serial, 2 Ethernet Ports, internal V.92 Modem
Router with one async port, one modem port, Two LAN Ports
IP-6690 Async Router w/V.92 Modem