Ethernet Extenders

Data Connect
Industrial Ethernet Extenders


Data Connect has been in the Ethernet Extenders business for many years.
Now we are able to offer our own versatile line of Ethernet Extenders.

DCE 2178EE Industrial Ethernet Extender
DCE 2178HSEE  High Speed Ethernet Extender
DCE 2178HSEE-2PK High Speed 2-Pack
DCE 2178HSEE-4  High Speed Ethernet Extender 4 Port
DCE 2178SMEE  Super-Mini Ethernet Extender
DCE 2178FMDEE  Fiber Multi-Drop Ethernet Extender
DCE 2178LRE+BP-MIL MilSpec Long Range Ethernet Extender

From a customer who bought and installed our 2178HSEE High Speed Ethernet Extenders:

“Just wanted to say thanks so much, not only for the fantastic and knowledgeable technical support, but also for making the finest and easiest to use Ethernet extenders on the market.  3 installs in 3 very old malls were able to be completed with your devices and my customers couldn’t be happier.  I will always use and recommend your Ethernet Extenders to the many customers and companies I work for.”