DCE 2178HSEE-4

4 Port Ethernet Extender Kits

The DCE 2178HSEE-4, used in pairs, will inexpensively extend Ethernet with just one pair of copper wire. With these budget units you can easily connect two Ethernet networks together with a maximum data rate of 100/100Mbps (depending on distance) without breaking the bank.

These low cost Ethernet Extender kits use four 10/100Mbps RJ-45 ports for Ethernet and an RJ-11 connector for the line between the units. They also come with a splitter for telephone (POTS) service, so voice and data communication can be shared simultaneously based on the existing telephone wire.

These units have impressive performance specifications with two VDSL2 profiles available (17a and 30a) , depending on the distance you need to traverse.