Ethernet Extenders with Multi-Pair Reliability



The Patton Electronics CopperLink CL2300 Ethernet Extenders offer multi-pair reliability for mission critical applications.

These extenders are typically used to extend Ethernet to distances between 3/4 mile and 5 miles. They bond up to 4 twisted pairs to achieve the desired rate and reach.

But there is an added benefit, not always sufficiently appreciated:

The additional pairs also provide redundancy.   If one of the pairs fails, the Ethernet circuit holds. Where copper infrastructure is abundant the Patton CL2300 series Ethernet extenders provide redundant reliability!

The CL2302 uses either one or two Pair of wires for bandwidth between 11.4 to 30.6 Mbps (depending on distance). If you lose one pair, the bandwidth drops, but the Ethernet connection holds at 11.4 Mbps.

The CL2304 uses one, two, three, or 4 pairs of wire. With three pair, you get  17.1 to 45.9 Mbps. With 4 Pair you get 22.8 to 61.2 Mbps.

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