Patton CL2300


The Patton CL2300 units are upgrades to, and backward compatible with the, 2160, 2161, 2162 Ethernet Extenders. They bond up to 4 twisted pairs to achieve the desired rate and reach. They introduce the Patton Trinity 3 Operating system. Furthermore, the CL2300 offers a PoE option, SSH, Remote Management, and Stateful Firewall.

These extenders are typically used to extend Ethernet to distances between 3/4 mile and 5 miles. Here is the range of data rates based on how many pairs are bonded:

1 Pair: 5.7 to 15.3 Mbps
2 Pair: 11.4 to 30.6 Mbps
3 Pair: 17.1 to 45.9 Mbps
4 Pair: 22.8 to 61.2 Mbps

The Patton 2160 units 4 Ethernet ports and one line port. They also feature a 13 watt PoE option on one of the Ethernet ports. Depending on how many pairs you have, and whether you need PoE, you can select from following models:

CL2302/4ETH/AF/EUI-2PK CopperLink 2-4 Wire Ethernet Extender Kit; PoE; 4 x 10/100; 100-240VAC

CL2302/4ETH/EUI-2PK CopperLink 2-4 Wire Ethernet Extender Kit; 4 x 10/100; 100-240VAC

CL2304/4ETH/AF/EUI-2PK CopperLink 2-8 Wire Ethernet Extender Kit; PoE; 4 Eth; 100-240VAC

CL2304/4ETH/EUI-2PK CopperLink 2-8 Wire Ethernet Extender Kit; 4 Eth; 100-240VAC

These units are backwards compatible with the older Patton 2160 series and they can be teamed with Patton’s CL4324 DSLAM as CPE units.

Distance Chart

The Temperature Hardened version of the CL2300 is the CL2300E

CL2300 Manual