Black Box LBPS310A-KIT


Further Details LBPS310A-KIT

  • Kit includes both a local and a remote unit.
  • Transparent to data.
  • Hardened for industrial use with a tough aluminum case and an extended temperature range of -40 to +167° F (-40 to 75° C).
  • Autosensing, autonegotiating 10-/100-Mbps Ethernet port with Auto MDI/MDI-X.
  • Six speeds with speed indicator LEDs.
  • Powered through a 48-VDC terminal block or a 48-VDC jack. Order power supplies separately (SDR-120-48).
  • Supports DIN rail, panel, and rackmount installations.

The Hardened PoL PoE Ethernet Extender Kit connects and powers PoE devices such as security cameras over one pair of ordinary voice-grade UTP cable. It enables you to save on installation costs by enabling you to use wire you may already have installed.

Speed, distance, and power!
This extender delivers the goods with up to 100-Mbps performance at up to 300 meters. Plus, even at a distance of almost three football fields, it powers 802.3at PoE devices with a full 30 watts, so high-powered devices like PTZ cameras can get the power they require. At longer distances, speed and power go down, of course, but you can still get full power by using a separate power supply with the remote unit (see the chart below).

Built tough for tough environments

  • The extender is hardened for industrial use with a tough aluminum case that keeps out dust and debris. It features an extended temperature range of -40 to +167° F (-40 to 75° C). The extender mounts on standard DIN rails and accepts standard 48-VDC power via terminal block. For redundant power, the terminal block has a second power input or you can use the 48-VDC power jack.NOTE: The LBPS310A-KIT does not come with a power supply. Order the DIN Rail Power Supply, 120 Watts, 48 VDC (SDR-120-48) separately.
    Distance/Speed/Power with Power over Link (PoL) Enabled:

    Distance Data Rate PoE Output
    984 ft. (300 m) 100 Mbps 30 watts
    1312 ft. (400 m) 90 Mbps 15.4 watts
    1968 ft. (600 m) 60 Mbps 14 watts
    2624 ft. (800 m) 45 Mbps 9.5 watts
    3280 ft. (1 km) 35 Mbps 7 watts
    3937 ft. (1.2 km) 20 Mbps 5 watts

    Distance/Speed/Power with Power over Link (PoL) Disabled:
    (power supply on remote unit)

    Distance Speed PoE Output
    0.8 mi. (1.4 km) 15 Mbps 30 watts
    1 mi. (1.6 km) 10 Mbps 30 watts
    1.1 mi. (1.8 km) 3 Mbps 30 watts
    Up to 1.4 mi. (Up to 2.2 km) 1 Mbps 30 watts