Simple T1 Bridging

T1 Bridge


We offer a number of solutions to provide end users with Ethernet-over-T1 Bridging. In every case, a T1/FT1 CSU/DSU is required at each end along with Ethernet Interfaces.  Our most popular and least expensive product for simple T1 bridging is the Patton 2603


Patton’s IPLink T1/E1 Router is a complete all-in-one network access device which easily connects your LAN to any full or fractional T1/E1 over PPP or frame relay routed or bridged connections.

T1 Over IP TDMoIP 

The IPM-1T1-AD unit transports a single T1 interface over Ethernet networks using IP protocol.  IPM-1T1-AD is available with redundant AC (100-240V) and DC48V (36-72V) power supplies. The IPM-1T1 can extend TDM networks using the Internet as transport network.