Patton 2156

Patton 2156 Long Range Ethernet Extenders

Up to 32,000 Feet (10km)
CopperLink 2.3 Mbps Ethernet Extender with Auto-Rate Adaptation
High speed long-distance LAN extension over copper wires.


The Patton 2156 has been superceded by newer, better performing, less expensive models.

Consider the Patton CL1314
Or Consider the Patton CL2301

Extend your network up to 32,000 ft. (9,754 m)
2.3 Mbps extension using existing twisted pair of copper
Plug-and-play–No configuration necessary!
10Base-T full or half-duplex Ethernet port
Support for 802.1 Q VLAN tagged packet transmission
LEDs provide quick status at a glance
Test mode switch makes troubleshooting easy
Convenient standalone desktop model