Patton CL1314

Long Range CopperLink Ethernet Extender


The CL1314 Ethernet Extenders replace the long-time workhorse Patton 2157 Long Range Ethernet Extenders which are now end-of-life.

CL1314/EUI-2PK 5.7 Mbps CopperLink Ethernet Extender Kit (Local and Remote); 4 x10/100; 100-240VAC CopperLink    This is the 2-Pack Kit.

These units are designed for distances in excess of one mile and are plug and play.  These units work at slower speeds, but to far greater distances than standard Ethernet Extenders like the CL1214.  Distances in excess of 32,000 feet have been achieved.


The Patton CL1314 sports a built-in four-port Ethernet switch interface crossover capability (auto-MDIX) enabling you to connect up to four Ethernet devices. The auto-MDIX automatically configures the signaling to match the polarity on the cable; no user-configuration is required.

The CL1314 passes all higher-layer protocols VLAN tagging, multicast addressing, VPN pass-through for IPsec, as well as IP-video.

The units are totally plug and play; simply connect up to four Ethernet devices, plug the copper twisted-pair into the extender at each end, and apply power!

High Speed Extension Achieve speeds up to 5.7 Mbps.

Auto-rate Selection Just plug the units in and automatically realize the maximum possible rate. Or, select the ideal user-configurable rate for your application.

CopperLink 2-Wire Connection Easy 2-wire CopperLink connection via built-in RJ-11 port.

Built-in 4-port Ethernet Switch-Connect up to four Ethernet devices using the integrated 4 X 10/100Base-T, auto-sensing, full/half-duplex Ethernet switch.

Transparent LAN Bridging Transparently pass higher-layer protocols with support for 802.1Q VLAN tagging. Automatic Learning, Aging, and Filtering Keeps local traffic local, ensuring efficient utilization of the long-range link.

You can mate the Patton CL1314 on the local end, with a Ruggedized CL1314R on the remote end, in industrial or non-climate controlled envioronments, where there are temperature, humidity, and other extremes.


Made in the USA The Patton CL1314 is designed by Patton engineers and built in the Patton Electronics Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. We stock these products at our sales office and warehouse.

These can be purchased individually as well…

CL1314/L/EUI 5.7 Mbps CopperLink Ethernet Extender (Local); 4 x10/100; 100-240VAC CopperLink
CL1314/R/EUI 5.7 Mbps CopperLink Ethernet Extender (Remote); 4 x10/100; 100-240VAC CopperLink