Relcomm SCOS2 Code Operated Switch


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The RelComm, Inc. Serial Code Operated Switch SCOS provides remote network support (remote fault management) thereby allowing the user many important benefits,the most compelling of which is the savings on technical overhead. This ecomonical device can save time and money by enabling reliable remote fault management of network nodes over any distance by accessing the console ports of remote routers and switches, even when the network is down!


RelComm Code Operated Switches should be considered an integral part of any network system. The RelCom Code Operated Switch is designed to switch serial communications devices between a master port and two subordinate ports.The SCOS2 is available as a stand-alone unit in an ABS plastic housing.

The master device can select either of two subordinate ports by transmitting the proper control and switch address code. While the communications link is established,the other port is locked out until either the master port or selected subordinate port sends the selected switch code. This is one of the most flexible RS-232 compliant data switches in the industry. The COS supports most modem protocols and uses standard ASCII or Extended ASCII switching codes. In the Transparent Mode the COS will ignore all arming characters while data transmission is in progress. In the Graphics Mode a selectable timeout delay prevents the COS from accepting another arming character until the preset timeout expires. User selectable features include:word length, Baud rate,stop bits,DCE/DTE, Xon/Xoff mode, graphics, arming character,Transparent Mode, inactivity timeout, default power-up and lockout.