RelComm i-COS


The new RelComm integrated Code Operated Switch i-COS is a platform to provide service to multiple serial ports, typically under the control and direction of a single Master port, and four or more subordinate/Slave ports.

DTE/DCE-selectable, so you can switch between a modem and a printer. There’s no need for crossover cables.  Safe for use with laser printers.  Includes a hardware-handshake lead in each direction for added control.  No unintended triggering—no matter what data you’re sending.

The integrated Code-Operated Switch, RS-232, 4-Port is an asynchronous RS-232 switch with four subordinate ports and one master port that enables you to switch serial devices with codes.

There’s no unintended triggering with this switch—no matter what data you’re sending. With an internal DIP switch, you select the arming character to use as a trigger.

You can set each port individually as DTE or DCE. That’s handy for switching among modems and printers. And your connection is secure. Once a connection is made, other ports are locked out. (Remember that all ports need to be set to operate with identical speeds and word structures.)

For extra control, there’s a hardware-handshake lead in each direction in case a device (or the computer) needs it.

The New i-COS platform has several new features, including:
Integrated transceiver loopback for faster fault isolation.
Enhanced front-panel LED display to provide visual indication of more switch operations, including status of data activity, switch time, port lockout, and control handshake.
Power-on initialization that includes port selection default.
Onboard programmable PROM to provide function updates and maintenance via active serial and JTAG connections.

Integrated Code Operated Switch

i-COS-4 Stand Alone 9113089
i-COS-8 Stand Alone 9113090

i-COS-4 Rack Mount 9113789
i-COS-8 Rack Mount 9113790
i-COS-12 Rack Mount 9113012
i-COS-16 Rack Mount 9113016

Black Box SW853A-R3 Code-Operated Switch, RS-232, 4-Port
Controls up to four serial RS-232 devices from your PC