Patton 2173

Patton 2173 100 Mbps
Ethernet Extenders


The Current Generation Product Patton CL1212 and Patton CL1214

2173/EUI CopperLink High Speed Auto Rate Extender; RJ45 Connectors only; 100-240 VAC

2173/EUI-2PK CopperLink High Speed Auto Rate Extender Kit (1 Local Unit x 1 Remote Unit);RJ45 Connectors only; 100-240VAC

The Patton 2173 CopperLink Ethernet Extenders provide high speed LAN connections between peered Ethernet LANs, remote PCs, or any other network enabled 10/100Base-T device. Operating in pairs, one Patton 2173 is configured as the (L) Local unit located at one end of the LAN extension and the other Patton 2173 is configured as the (R) Remote unit at the other end. The Patton 2173 is configured as a L or R via the switch on the bottom of the unit.

Patton 2173 Ethernet Extender Features:

• Variable rate CopperLink extender – Easy to configure
• Auto-MDIX Ethernet
• Configurable 10/100, Full/Half, and Auto-Negotiating Ethernet
• Extends network connections up to 4,250 ft (1.3 km) over 2-wire 24-AWG unconditioned lines
• Switch selectable line rates up to 100 Mbps downstream/70 Mbps upstream
• Symmetric or asymmetric settings via DIP switch
• Transparent operation
• LED indicators for Power, Link, Ethernet Link & Activity, and Remote/Local

A pair of Patton 2173 Ethernet Extenders work together
to create a transparent extension between two peered Ethernet LANs.
The figure below shows a typical point-to-point application.


Lower cost products come with a different kind of price tag…headaches, time and hassle. That’s why we think you are wise to depend upon the Patton’s superior manufacturing, support, service, and interoperability. For most of our customers, its just easier to deal with a U.S. company.