Patton 2168 2168A

Patton 2168 2168A
Ethernet Extenders


The Patton 2168 and 2168A Ethernet Extenders have been replaced with upgraded Patton Copperlink units featuring higher speeds at lower prices. The CopperLink CL1212 and  Patton CL1214 are the current production replacement Ethernet Extender from Patton.

Patton 2168A/EUI-2PK
Patton 2168A/E-2PK
Patton 2168/L/EUI
Patton 2168A/R/EUI
Patton 2168A/TB45/EUI-2PK
Patton 2168A/R/TB45/EUI
Patton 2168A/L/TB45/EUI

Here are the older 2168 Part numbers.

Patton 2168/L
Patton 2168/R
Patton 2168/L/120
Patton 2168/R/120
Patton 2168/L/UI:
Patton 2168/R/UI
Patton 2168-2PK
Patton 2168/120-2PK
Patton 2168/UI-2PK
Patton 2168 RC/L
Patton 2168 RC/R