Patton 1069 VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge


Patton’s 1069 VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge is a CPE device typically used with Patton’s 24 port VDSL2 DSLAM, the FF3210P.

Using Patton’s FF3210P or any third-party DSLAM, full-service high speed links can be routed through campus and various MxU environments. VDSL2 DSLAMs aggregate the IP services delivered from the ISP or service providers with the POTS delivered from the PSTN. The POTS and Ethernet signals are then aggregated and sent over an existing 2-wire telephony grade connection. The Model 1069 VDSL2 CPE is placed in each room to split the signal back into Ethernet (data) and POTS/ISDN (voice) for delivery to the end-user. Port selectable data rates allow for a differentiation of services, and increased distance capabilities.


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