Mini Ethernet Extender

When you need a really SMALL Ethernet Extender


PROBLEM:   You can’t find an Ethernet Extender small enough! You want to extend Ethernet from point A to point B over copper infrastructure, well in excess of Ethernet’s 300 foot limitation.   All the Ethernet Extenders out there are simply too big!

You have severe space limitations especially on the “remote” side of the connection and you are looking for a miniature solution.  You need a micro-ethernet-extender kit.

SOLUTION:  Data Connect’s 2178SMEE Super Mini Ethernet Extender. Here are the  unit’s small, tiny, dimensions:

Dimensions: 0.97×1.75×2 in., 2.5×4.4×5 cm (H x W x L)


Embed these units into your existing equipment — or insert them with or without the case, into very small spaces.

For more information the Data Connect 2178SMEE Super Mini Ethernet Extender units, call us or look at our specifications page here