Fiber T1 Extenders

We are pleased to add to a new line of products which Extend T1’s flawlessly over Fiber Optic infrastructure. The first product family will extend a single T1 over fiber. The second product group extends mulitple T1’s — up to 4 — over fiber optic cable.

Data Connect Fiber-T

Simply set up one DCE Fiber T1 Extender at each end of your fiber run, and you are set to go.  Click on the image for more detail.


Data Connect Quad-Fiber-T

The DCE/QuadFiber-T/E is a 1U half 19″ stand-alone or rack mountable T1/E1 Extender featuring a point-to-point multiplexer for 4*E1 or 4*T1 (selectable) transmissions over a single fiber optic link. Its half-rack format makes it ideal for low cost multiplexing applications that require up to 4-channel.   Click on the image for more detail.