Security Modems and the AT Command Set

A modern lack of proficiency with the ancient AT Commands is a problem for security modem installers who don’t know or don’t like AT Commands.

The AT command set consists of a series of short text strings which combine together to produce complete commands for operations such as dialing, hanging up, and changing the parameters of a Hayes compatible modem connection. The vast majority of dialup modems use the Hayes command set in numerous variations.

You don’t need to know the AT Commands.  With a little help from us, you can use a Motorola 2440 modem and simply program it from the built-in menu-driven LCD screen.  You do not have to mess with AT Commands using this excellent modem!  We have lots of them IN STOCK, in new condition.   Get rid of those AT Command set dependent security modems and use the Motorola 2440’s instead!

Get rid of this:

Hayes Modem

Replace it with this:

Motorola 2440

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