SE-6600 Serial Encrypter SCADA Polling


The DCB SE-6600 Serial Encrypter is optimized for the encryption of polling serial data connections.

The SE-6600R is an industrial rated serial data encryption device featuring two serial ports, a device port and a network port. The SE-6600R uses AES 256-bit encryption, 128-bit block size. AES is the US Government standard encryption algorithm approved for FIPS and AGA purposes.

ItĀ provides a secure link between host and remote user sites. The two RS232 serial ports operate at asynchronous speeds as low as 1200 bps and as high as 57.6 Kbps. The SE-6600R serial interface can be RS232, RS422, or RS485 2-wire or 4-wire.

The SE-6600R may be used point-to-point, linking two separate remote sites with radios, leased lines or dial connections, one port used for the connection, the other port for the user equipment. The SE-6600R can also be used on point-to-multipoint links. The SE-6600R is especially attractive for use over multipoint radios where high security is desired.

The unitĀ has a bypass mode (Block Mode Clear) for use during initial installation. When installing in a large multidrop network, it is desirable to have the remote units not encrypt data until the host unit is installed. This makes the scheduling of installation less critical, as the initial remote installation will not disable the drop if a host unit is not yet in service. The remote unit is temporarily just a bump in the serial cable.

The SE-6600R is straight-forward, easy to configure and maintain. Units are configured via a terminal connection to the serial port, or using the Ethernet port, via telnet or a web browser. The SE-6600R has the features you want without the complexity.

The nature of the encryption protocols used in the product make it suitable for polling or packetized data only. For streaming data, please see the SSE-R Streaming Serial Encrypter product.


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