Relcomm i-PSU Port Sharing Unit


The new RelComm, Inc. integrated Port Sharing Unit (i-PSU) is an asynchronous RS-232C and/or RS-422 Serial-In to Serial-Out Port Selector that can select one Host port from as many as 16 Devices.

The i-PSU provides the ability to support, and provide service to, multiple Device COM ports in a switched environment by automatically selecting a single active Device port for connection to a common Host.

The i-PSU can be configured RS232 on all ports, RS422 on all ports, or a combination of RS232 and RS422. All ports have DB25S (female) connectors. Configuration switches on all ports allow
configuration to a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) or Data Communications Equipment (DCE) port.

There are no configurations needed to specify the operating serial parameters as the i-PSU does not have access to the serial communication channels themselves.  Operating modes (Standard Test Display, Lockout and Multiplexed Display) are selectable from the front panel. The device also has internal switches to specify local operating parameters and options.

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