RAD Airmux-400

RAD Airmux-400
Broadband Wireless Radios


RAD Airmux-400 series of carrier-class broadband wireless radios deliver native Ethernet and TDM services over a single wireless link in various sub-6 GHz frequencies. With a flexible combination of Ethernet and up to 16 E1/T1 interfaces, the high capacity Airmux-400 radio systems provides aggregated throughput of up to 200 Mbps and a range of up to 120 km (75 miles). The Airmux-400 incorporates advanced features, such as MIMO and OFDM for optimal performance and unmatched robustness in all environments, making it ideal for: Cellular, WiMAX and ISP backhaul Broadband access and Private networks
Multi-band operations over 2.3 to 2.5 GHz, 2.7 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 4.8 to 6 GHz in a single device
5 MHz, 10 MHz, 20 MHz, or 40 MHz channel bandwidth
Up to 16 E1/T1 ports; up to two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
Net throughput: Up to 250 Mbps aggregated (Airmux-400P), Up to 200 Mbps aggregated (Airmux-400, Airmux-400L), Up to 50 Mbps aggregated (Airmux-400LC)
OFDM, MIMO and antenna diversity capabilities
Extended rangeĀ up to 120 km (75 miles)
Hub-site synchronization (HSS) supports simultaneous transmission from up to 16 colocated Airmux-400 and Airmux-5000 units; 1588v2-based HSS over Ethernet eliminates the need for external cables and an HSS unit
Ring Protection Link (RPL) for Ethernet resiliency
Spectral power measurement and RF survey tool Spectrum View for quick and easy installation

AIRMUX-400 Part Numbers

AIRMUX-400-ANT/19/2327/FP 5810330000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/19/2427/FP 5810330000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/21/3338/FP 5260240000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/22/4451/FP 5260160000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/23/4960/FP 5810170000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/25/3338/DISH 5260730000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/28/4964/FP 6261030000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/28/5260/DISH 5260180000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/28/5260R/DISH 5260760000
AIRMUX-400-ANT/32/4958/DISH 5260270000
AIRMUX-400/IDUE/16TDM 5810210000
AIRMUX-400/IDUE/2GBE 5810720000
AIRMUX-400/IDUE/4TDM 5810220000
AIRMUX-400/IDUE/8TDM 5810230000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F24F/200M/EXT 5811100000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F25F/100M 5810890000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F25F/100M/EXT 5810900000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F3XE/100M 5810620000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F3XE/100M/EXT 5810630000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F3XF/100M 5810660000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F3XF/100M/EXT 5810670000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F49F/200M/EXT 5810480000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F49F/200M/INT 5810540000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F58F/200M/EXT 5810710000
AIRMUX-400/ODU/F58F/200M/INT 5810800000
AIRMUX-400L/ODU/F24F/EXT 6670050000
AIRMUX-400L/ODU/F49F/EMB 5810880000
AIRMUX-400L/ODU/F58F/EMB 5810840000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F24F/10M/EXT 6680240000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F24F/10M/INT 6680230000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F24F/25M/EXT 6680220000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F54E/25M/INT 6680050000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F54U/25M/INT 6680070000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F58F/10M/EXT 6680180000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F58F/10M/INT 6680190000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F58F/25M/EXT 6680160000
AIRMUX-400LC/ODU/F58F/25M/INT 6680170000