Patton SN4980 T1 VoiP Gateway Router

Patton SN4980

Patton Smartnode 4980 T1/E1 PRI

SN4980/1E24V/EUI 1 T1/E1 PRI 24 VoIP channels
SN4980/1E30V/EUI 1 T1/E1 PRI 30 VoIP channels
SN4980/4E120VR/EUI 4 T1/E1 PRI 120 VoIP channels Failover Relay
SN4980/4E15VR/EUI 4 T1/E1 PRI 15 VoIP channels Failover Relay
SN4980/4E24VR/EUI 4 T1/E1 PRI 24 VoIP channels Failover Relay
SN4980/4E30V120R/EUI 4 T1/E1 PRI 30 VoIP channels Failover Relay

Now you can IP Enable Legacy PBX Systems With IPv6 Hardware. The Patton SmartNode 4980 is a PRI gateway-router which provides 1 to 4 T1/E1/PRI and a 10/100/1000 Ethernet for up to 120 VoIP calls. Enterprises can now quickly, easily, and affordably IP-enable legacy PBX systems to deliver toll quality voice on every call.

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If you need a T1 PRI gateway without routing Patton Smartnode 4970