Patton 2292 2294 VoIP for Leased Lines

Leased Line over IP
VoIP for Leased Lines with Patton 2290


2292/EUI SmartNode Dual CHANNEL, 2-WIRE Leased Line over IP REPEATER, Encryption, EUI Power

2294/EUI SmartNode Quad CHANNEL, 2-WIRE Leased Line over IP REPEATER, Encryption, EUI Power

Now an IP connection in two different locations is sufficient to establish up to four Leased-Lines between the two locations!

The Patton 2290 Series Leased Line Extender enables end users to deploy Leased-line applications like an Always On connection even on the Internet. Using only one Extender on each side, audio Leased-Lines can be transported over a packet-based network.

The Patton 2290 enables enterprises to move to best-effort networks like the Internet and enjoy the same benefits of using Analog Leased Lines on the existing LAN network they have already deployed. LANs can now provide Intra-Office Always ON lines instead of a dedicated web of telephone wires.

After installation, the connection between two 2290 extenders can establish immediately. It also reestablishes after any network disruption. The connection can also be secured with Hardware-Accelerated 3DES or AES encryption end-to-end between the extenders , preventing wiretapping and making Patton the right choice for security conscious enterprises.

Installation help, if needed is always available from Patton Electronics, right here in the USA.