Patton Model 570 Surge Suppressor


Patton Model 570 and 580 protect your 100Base-T, RS-422 or 100VG-AnyLan data lines without hindering critical network performance. The Model 570 is designed for use at the sensitive equipment port, while the Model 580 protects barriers (wiring closets, patch panels, etc.).

The model 570 is also used for surge protection for Ethernet Extenders on the Line side.

Protects Twisted Pair Interfaces at Speeds up to 100 Mhz

EIA/TIA TSB-40A Category-5 Certified
Models for use at the Equipment (570) or Barrier (580)
Near End Cross Talk (N.E.X.T.) Better than -43 db for Transparent Protection
Complies with Transient Immunity Standards IEC 801-2, 801-4 & 801-5
Dimensions: 2.25 x 1.69 x 0.75 in. (5.72 x 4.29 x 1.90 cm)
Weight: 0.15lbs; 0.06kgs
Environment: Category-5 Interfaces that utilize the RJ-45 connector, including RS-422, 423, 10Base-T, Token Ring, Fast Ethernet, 100Base-T and ATM
Connectors: RJ-45 Female
Response Time: Clamped to 13 V after 0.1 ┬Ás
Characteristic Impedance: 100 Ohms
NEXT Loss: Model 570 – worst pair Better than -46 dB at 100 MHz; Model 580 – worst pair Better than -43 dB at 100 MHz
Surge Clamp Voltage: Model 570 – 13 V max with 1 KV Input; Model 580 – 15 V max with 2 KV Input
Surge Rating: IEC 801.5 Standard Level