Patton 222N

Patton RS-232 to RS-422 Converters
Interface Powered

(Transmit & Receive Data Only)


222N9FRJ45 RS232-RS422 CONV, DB9F TO RJ45
222NM RS-232(M) TO RS-422 (STR.REL)

The 222 Family of  Miniature Converters are no Bigger than a DB-25 (or DB-9) Backshell!

The Patton 222N allows an RS-232 device with DB-25 port to connect to an RS-422 device up to 4000 feet away over two twisted pair.

The Model 222N9 does the same thing for an RS-232 device with a DB-9 port (now called EIA-574).

Both converters support data rates up to 19.2 kbps and require no AC power or batteries for operation. All handshaking lines are looped back. The Model 222NRC is a dual rack card version of the Model 222N, with two converters in one card!

Conforms to the EIA RS-422 Interface Standard
Bi-Directional Data Conversion
No AC Power Required
Handshake Lines are Looped Back
Reliable Surface Mount Construction
600W of Optional Surge Protection
Can be ordered with Terminal Block, RJ-11, RJ-45