Patton 2977/48/PT2

New & Refurbished Patton 2977 RAS Cards

Digi / Patton
Patton 2977/48/PT2 48 Port RAS Dual T1 WAN RAS Cards
Formerly Digi Part # 77000597


24, 48 Port and PTM Daughter Cards

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The Patton 2977 series of ISDN/analog modem adapters provides support for up to 60 ports of fax/RAS in a single PCI slot. Available in T1/E1/PRI and ISDN ST/U form factors, the Patton 2977 is the ideal choice for a broad range of demanding applications, including remote access, fax, data collection and modem pooling. The open standards-based design of the Patton 2977 facilitates the fast and simple deployment of your software solutions. The software-upgradeable modem technology of the Patton 2977 boards utilize high-performance digital signal processors (DSPs), and provide advanced V.90 modem, FAX, and ISDN support. Each data channel operates totally independent and configures itself dynamically for the service type needed, whether the incoming/outgoing call is based on an analog or a digital connection. The flexible design of the Patton 2977 allows it to grow with your application requirements. An unlimited number of Patton 2977 units can reside in the same system, thereby providing the exact port density and functionality that is needed. In addition, a daughter board is available as a field-upgrade option, that can expand the Patton 2977/24 to 48 ports and the Patton 2977/30 to 60 ports. With easy installation, configuration, operation, and a complete diagnostics and troubleshooting toolset, the DialFire RAS provides the key factors needed for successful deployment.