Patton Remote Access Servers

Patton RAS

Back in the day when dial-up was the main way people accessed the internet, Patton Electronics supplied lots of small to medium size Internet Service Providers with their “pizza-box” Remote Access Servers.


Patton 2960/16 16-Port V.92/V.90
Patton 2960/24 24-Port V.92/V.90
Patton 2960/48 48-Port V.92/V.90
Patton 2996 RAS 96 Port Remote Access Server — for 4 T1’s

Patton Electronics also offered the same dial-in technology in a RAS Card which was plugged into a server.


Patton 2977/24/PT1 RAS Card for Single T1
Patton 2977/48/PT2 RAS Card for Two T1’s
Patton 2977/24/PTM 24-Port Daughter Card to upgrad to dual T1’s

Dial up is no longer what it once was, the Patton RAS products still fill a niche. They are probably the least expensive way to provide Remote Dial access with T1’s still available, especially when you can find refurbished equipment. They are still used for all kinds of dial applications including FAX and Patton still provides technical support.

We have available both new and refurbished Patton RAS boxes and Patton RAS cards backed with our warranty. Here links to the products and their specifications. If you click-through, you will see that we have included both DIGI and PATTON part numbers where applicable — and data sheets.

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