460RC/16/F Balun Panel

Patton Balun Panel populated with 16  G.703 Balun Modules


The 460RC/16/F connects 75 ohm dual coax to 120 ohm twisted pair (or visa versa). The Patton 460RC/16/F achieves Bi-directional signal conversion according to CCITT G.703. The Balun Panel features Data rates up to 2.048 Mbps. End users love the low profile design of the Patton Electronics 460RC/16/F.

The 460RC/16/F mounts in standard 19″ (48.3 cm) Rack. It requires no AC power or batteries. The 460RC/16/F uses Female coax BNC connectors and strap-selectable modular RJ-45 pinouts.

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