BODi Load Balancing Routers

Patton BODi rS Bandwidth on Demand


BD004/EUI Mobile Bonding/Balancing Routers. DC Power for in-vehicle Power. AC/DC adaptor for power & operation

BD007/UI Fixed/Mobile Bonding/Balancing Routers.
Internal UI Power

BD1000/UI High Availability Bonding/Balancing Network Appliance.
Internal UI Power

Combine wireless-mesh, 3G/4G/LTE and Ethernet connections, for bandwidth assurance and high survivability tailored and prioritized to fit your needs.

These units combine built-in fallback-network capabilities with uplink redundancy and WAN failover, providing our customers with full assurance of businesses-network survivability for continuity of operations.

The BODI Bandwidth on Demand units easily bond multiple WAN links into a unified Internet connection giving the fixed or mobile end user IP network survivability.

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They also provide link bonding for aggregated bandwidth and load balancing for traffic management. Prevent lost revenue and wasted worker productivity stemming from Internet outages. Now you can establish a Wi-Fi mesh LAN with firewall, encryption and multi-WAN routing for truly survivable Internet connectivity.

Patton’s BODi routers feature up to seven fixed/mobile WAN-line connections with redundancy and failover, VPN access-point service with 100 percent uptime.

The BODi rS family comprises three models initially: The BD007 enterprise WAN failover router, the BD004 mobile/portable network-survivability router and the Head-End-Unit (HEU) BD1000 multi-channel fallback-network VPN router and network hub.

More Bandwidth. More Reliability. More Survivability