Patton 2085 RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converter

The Patton 2085 High Speed RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converter provides exceptional versatility in a compact package. Requiring no AC power or batteries for operation, the 2085 supports asynchronous RS-232 data rates to 115.2 Kbps over one or two unconditioned twisted pair.

The Patton 2085 passes one control signal in each direction and can handle up to 50 terminal drops in a multipoint polling environment. The Model 2085 may be configured for high or low impedance operation, carrier may be set to “constantly on” or “controlled by RTS”, and the unit can operate with or without “echo”. RTS/CTS delay may
be set for “no delay” or 8 mS. The Model 2085 is equipped with either male or female DB-25 for RS-232 connection. Options for twisted pair connection include terminal blocks with strain relief, RJ-11, RJ-45 and DB-25 male or female. Silicon Avalanche Diodes provide 600 watts per wire of protection against harmful data line transient surges.

2085FRS-232 TO RS-485 INTERF. CONV.
2085F-25FRS-485 CONVTR, DB25F – DB25F
2085F-25MRS-232 TO RS-485 INTERF. CONV.
2085FRJ11RS-232 TO RS-485 CONV W/RJ11
2085FRJ45RS-232 TO RS-485 CONV W/RJ45
2085MRS-232 TO RS-485 INTERF. CONV.
2085M-25FRS-232 TO RS-485 INTERF. CONV.
2085MRJ11RS-232 TO RS-485 INTERF. CONV.
2085MRJ45RS-232 TO RS-485 INTERF. CONV.