201BC/AS Modems


We often have refurbished UDS 201BC/AS modems available. We also have the Motorola 2860 handles 201BC/AS communications asĀ an available replacement.

The UDS 201 BC/AS is a 2400 bps per second modem designed far Synchronous or Asynchronous data communications. The unit combines two modem types;

201B for leased line operation – 2 or 4 wire
201C for operation of the Pubic Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

This combination and the addition of local and remote diagnostic tests provide flexibility in designing communication networks using any synchronous or asynchronous data protocol at 2400 bps, The 20IBC/AS – 201BCAS is available in either a 115 VAC or a 230 VAC powered version. When used as a 201A in leased line operation. data is transferred in half-duplex mode on 2-Wire and in full-duplex mode on 4 wire lines. Switched line operation in 201C mode is always half-duplex.

Numerous options are provided so the Motorola UDS 201BC/AS 201BCAS may be tailored to your particular application. These options are set by straps and switches on the modem printed circuit board Control of local and remote diagnostic tests is provided by a rotary switch on the front panel. Modem operations monitored by observing the nine LED indicators on the front panel. The printed circuit board containing the 20IBC/AS also fits in the UDS RM-16 shelf.

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