How to Extend a T1 Demarc

How Do I Extend a T1 Demarc?

What do you do in those situations where a T1 demarc, or the T1 demarcation point, is located too far away from the T1 equipment it needs to connect to?

If the distance between the demarc and the T1 equipment is beyond the standard length of 655 feet — then you need use T1 Repeaters, or T1 Extenders to effectively move or extend the T1 demarc.

This solution is much cheaper than relocating the demarc and, using the Patton 2115 units, only needs 1 twisted pair.  Here are the products we recommend:

DCE/Copper-T T1 Extenders over 4 wires
Patton 2115 T1 Extenders over 2 wires
DCE/Fiber-T T1 Extenders over Fiber Optic Cable

We’d be happy to evaluate your application and provide the best cost-effective solution.