Esteem 195M Wireless Ethernet Serial Radios

The ESTeem 195M is the perfect industrial wireless solution for a wide range of modes of operation, including wireless Ethernet bridge, point-to-point networking, point-to-point wireless bridge and remote repeaters.

We engineered these Ethernet/serial radios specifically for the rigorous Industrial, Public Safety, and Federal markets when terrain coverage requires the VHF band. With the 195M industrial wireless unit, you have access to Ethernet, Serial RS-232C, RS-422, RS485 and 4 Channel Sensor Interface, all in a single modem.

A narrowband-compliant licensed radio, the Model 195M provides downward compatibility to the ESTeem Model 192M/MHP series and delivers reliable communications over distances greater than 10 miles in high noise environments, depending on the antenna deployed. Because the Model 195M’s internal Digi-Repeating feature creates possible repeater sites out of all remote locations, you can use these serial radios to establish wireless networks over large geographical areas.

Whether you require a wireless Ethernet bridge or downward compatibility with older ESTeem serial radios, the Model 195M provides the reliable communications you need. Review the literature below and then be sure to contact us for the industrial wireless devices to solve your most difficult communications challenges.