ATOP SE5408 and SE5416

DCB ATOP SE5408 and SE5416
8 Port and 16 Port Serial Device Servers


The Multi-port Industrial Serial Server SE5408 and SE5416 are gateways between Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial communication port devices.

By providing either 8 or 16 individual RS-232/422/485 ports, it is ideal for central locations and allows almost any serial device to be connected to a new or existing Ethernet network.

Encapsulating serial data and transporting it in standard TCP/IP or UPD/IP packets, the SE5408/SE5416 provides full-duplex, bi-directional transparent data transmission through Ethernet networks. The included PC virtual COM: port redirection software allows PC serial ports to be located anywhere on the TCP/IP network.

These Device Servers are Easy to Use

Flexible configuration options enable setup over Ethernet by Telnet, Web browser, Serial Console, or other Windows utilities. Packed in a rugged metal housing with 19-inch rack mount and 100-240VAC wide power input range, SE5408/SE5416 is ideal for most any industrial and manufacturing automation.

This is a high performance server. Port speeds from 110 bps to 921Kb, multi-connection protocols, and advanced features set the SE series above all competing multi-port serial servers.

The SE5408/5416 is easily paired with our single port SCADA serial servers at multiple remote locations, for a compact, rack-mounted host end installation.


ATOP 16 Port Device Server

Standard 19-inch rack-mount 1U high metal housing

Each port may be independently configured
Software selectable RS-232/422/485 for each port
Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet for network redundancy
Support for TCP Server/Client, UDP, and Virtual Com multi-link mode
Configuration via Serial Console, Telnet, Web Server, Front Panel,
or included Windows-based program
Alarm relay output for Network link-status
LCD Display & menu driven panel configuration
ALERT function sends email to warn of anomolies



Item Number Description
ATOP-SE5408 8 Port Ethernet Serial Server SE5408
ATOP-SE5416 16 Port Ethernet Serial Servers SE5416
9802097 RJ to PC-9 Pin female adapter used to connect to a PC COM: port
9802098 RJ to PC-9 Pin female adapter used to emulate a PC COM: port
ATOP-PC-25F RJ to PC-25 Pin female adapter used to connect to a PC COM: port
ATOP-PC-25M RJ to PC-25 Pin female adapter used to emulate a PC COM: port