DCB UT-6602

DCB Encrypted UDP Tunnel


Three Ethernet Ports, 20 Mbps,50 remote Clients

The DCB UT-6602 is used in the following applications:

Tunneling multicast voice and video through public and/or private networks using efficient UDP/IP
VLAN – Ideal for tunneling multiple VLAN segments through an external IP network
Serving remote offices over tunneled networks to ease network administration, provide remote file and device access
Utilities – Gas and oil production, pipelines, electric generation, transmission and distribution
Retail – Stores, kiosks, credit card machines — especially those using wireless links
Law Enforcement – Small remote offices
Medical – AES encryption of the UT-6600 meets HIPAA requirement for securing data over open networks such as the Internet. Ideal for emergency and portable medical operations.
Field sales personnel working out of the home, hotel rooms wired for high speed Internet access or cellular broadband.
Financial industry – Additional security on internal corporate links, branch offices, ATM machines, key personnel remote secure access.
Added security within a large corporate network
Office to Home
2 nets at each end, bridged via the Internet
Remote network monitoring via the Internet
Remote node on SCADA multi-drop EtherPoll network