Data Connect  3342E-003-4
Standalone 3342L


V.34 (33.6kbps) Data/Fax Modems  All models offer an AT compatible command interface and support the following modulation standards: V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A and Bell 103J. The following modulation standards are supported for fax: V.33, V.29 and V.27. Both synchronous and asynchronous DTE are supported.

COMPATIBILITY – V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, BELL 212A, BELL 103J.

LINE TYPE – Unconditioned lease line, 2 or 4 wire

DTE INTERFACE – RS-232C (V.24). Female DB25, Synchronous or Asynchronous: Autobaud or selectable formats and rates to 11 5.2Kbps on 3342 models or 57.6Kbps on 1442 models.

AUTO DIAL MODES – Standard Hays AT compatible dial commands or DTR dial of stored number.

ANSWER MODES – Standard auto answer or manual answer under DTE control.

ERROR CORRECTION – V.42 and MNP 2-4 error correction. MNP 10 extended cellular services.

DATA COMPRESSION – V.42bis and MNP5 data compression.


DIAGNOSTICS – V.54 through AT commands.

DIAL: 2-Wire Pulse or DTMF XMT level: 12dBm RCV sensitivity: -43dBm
2-WIRE LEASED XMT level: Adjustable RCV sensitivity: -43dBm
4-WIRE LEASED XMT level: Adjustable RCV sensitivity: -43dBm
* May also be used in 2 or 4-wire short haul applications.

POWER (STAND-ALONE UNITS) – 9 to 14VDC, 100 to 240 VAC

POWER (RACK MOUNT) – Standard CC-2016 rack automatically adjusts to 85-265VAC, 27-44OHz.
Optional DC supply automatically adjusts to positive or negative 36-75VDC.

ENVIRONMENTAL – Operating temperature range: -20C to +80C. Humidity: 90% non-condensing.

APPROVALS – FCC Part 68 & Part 15, Class A. Optional: International approvals available.

PHYSICAL (STAND ALONE UNITS) -Dimensions: 5.30″Lx5.05″Wx1.53″H. Weight: 12oz.

PHYSICAL (RACK MOUNT) – Fits CC-2016 rack. 4.73″Lx4.60″Wx.80″H. Weight: 9oz.

RACKS – The CC-2016-XX Series of 16 Slot Rack Mount Enclosures
These enclosures provide 16 modem slots in a standard 19 inch form factor which is 5 inches high and 6.5 inches in depth. The standard power system auto ranges from 85 to 265VAC with a frequency range of 27 – 440hz. An optional DC supply is also available for installations requiring operation on 36 – 75VDC. All rack configurations are designed for operation from -20C to +70C and offer a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 200,000 hours (22.8) years.

BRACKET – 19 Inch Rack Mount Bracket For All Stand Alone Models

This bracket provides mounting for three 5″x 5″stand alone rnodems or two 5″ by 7″ mufti-port modems within a standard 19 inch rack.

BRACKET – 9 Inch Wall Mount Bracket For All Stand Alone Models

This wall mount bracket may be attached to all 5″ x 5″ or 5″ x 7″ stand alone models.

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