202T over IP


Data Connect Enterprise now offers a breakthrough product which will transport 202T Modem data over IP Networks.

The DCE/EPORT-MLS converts many modem protocols, including 202T to IP.   It can be thought of as a 202T to Ethernet converter, a 202T over IP device or simply a device which sends 202T over any Ethernet network.

Now you can take the output of a SCADA RTU and send it over any IP network.

Using this device to extend 202T over Ethernet, the installer uses the E&M input (see upper left corner illustration below) and gets Ethernet Output.  Using the same device on the other end of the IP network and you have a 202T over Ethernet solution. (click illustration to enlarge)


One Asynchronous RS232 User Configuration Input Port at Speeds to 230.4 Kbps One Synchronous or Asynchronous Network Input Port at up to 256 Kbps A built-in Ethernet Network Output Port FXS/FXO, E&M and PTT Microphone Plus Speaker Voice Input Interfaces P25 Compressed Voice 2250 to 9600 Bps, 32K ADPCM (G.721) or 56K PCM (G.711) USB Serial Port for Set-up and Firmware Upgrade Test Tools to Measure Delay, Monitor Data Port Traffic

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