202T Device Server


Data Connect Enterprise now offers the breakthrough EPORT-MLS.  These units transport 202T Modem data over IP Networks.  The DCE/EPORT-MLS can be thought of as a 202T to Ethernet converter, a 202T over IP device server, or simply a unit which sends 202T over any Ethernet network.

Device Servers have been around for a long time which convert other modem protocols to IP.  But this device is the first we know of that actually works at transporting 202T modem signals across any IP network.

The Data Connect EPORT-MLS Modem LAN Server allows customers to continue to use the Leased Line Modem output signals of their RTUs and other equipment and transport themodem signals over IP packets. This allows for seamless transition of 2-wire or 4-wire leased-lines to wireless or wireline IP networks. With the EPORT-MLS you can stop paying for dial-up and leasedline circuits. In technical terms, the DCE/EPORT-MLS combines thetranslation of asynchronous serial data, voice and audio into a higher frequency analog signal. Then the higher frequency analog signals are translated into IP packets that arebroadcast by the server over the Ethernet LAN/WAN.


Analog voice over Serial Synchronous or Asynchronous
Voice over Ethernet
Input Serial Network port can be Async or Sync
Output RS232 Serial or 10/100Base-T
Simple, low cost Analog Phone Device
FXO/FXS, 4-Wire E&M or Push-to-Talk interface
Very high quality low Bit Rate Voice, P25 rates of 2260 Bps to 9600 Bps
32K ADPCM (G,721) or 56K PCM (G.711) voice options
Industrial Grade -20C to +85C
DC Power Options: 12, 24, 48, 125 VDC
Serial or Browser Set-up
USB Serial Port or RS232 Port for configuration
Web Browser configuration
Easy to configure and Maintain

For more information, call us, or look at the technical specifications here.