Patton 2285 Device Server

Patton EtherBITS Universal Serial Device Server


Put serial devices onto your local area network and manage RS-485/422/232 devices from any remote location as if you were there.

The Patton 2285 automatically obtains an IP address and a subnet mask from the master server. With the IP address identified and the serial port attached, the Model 2285 can pass tranparently pass data end-to-end using Telnet over TCP.

Users can access management features over telnet, serial console, or the web. Security features include static key based 3DES data encryption, SSL to provide a secure connection between client and server, HTTPS for secure data transfer over the network, and IP filter, which limits and controls access to the serial device. COM Port Redirector is included with Patton’s 2285 enabling users to use their existing COM/TTY-based software, preventing the hassle and expense of investing in additional software.

The Patton Model 2285 provides physical-layer connectivity by a user selectable RS-485/422/232 serial port and 10/100Base-TX Ethernet port. Configure the serial port’s data rate, ranging from 75 bps to 230 kbps, and choose from a variety of connector types including DB9 or DB25 male or female.