Patton CL1214 Ethernet Extender Options

The Patton Electronics CL1214 Ethernet Extender kits come with different rear panel options as shown below.  Click on the image to enlarge.




CL1214/BNC/EUI BNC Line, 100-240VAC
CL1214/BNC/EUI-2PK BNC Line, 100-240VAC (Local and Remote)
CL1214/E RJ45 Line, No Power Supply
CL1214/E-2PK RJ45 Line, (Local and Remote)
CL1214/EUI RJ45 Line, 100-240VAC
CL1214/EUI-2PK RJ45 Line, 100-240VAC (Local and Remote)
CL1214/S/EUI-2PK RJ45 Line; POTS; 100-240VAC (Local and Remote)
CL1214/TB/EUI Terminal Block Line, 100-240VAC
CL1214/TB/EUI-2PK Terminal Block Line, 100-240VAC (Local and Remote)
CL1214/TB/S/EUI-2PK Terminal Block Line, POTS Port; 100-240VAC (Local and Remote)