Modems by DCB

D56K D56K V.90 Modulation
V.23-SA V.23 Sync/Async Leased Line Modem standalone
V.23-RK V.23 Sync/AsyncLeased Line Modem rack card
V.23 Async-SA V.23 Async Leased Line Modem standalone
V.23 Async-RK V.23 Async Leased Line Modem rack card
DCB 202T/SA 202T Leased Line Modem standalone
DCB202T/RK 202T Leased Line Modem rack card
Link1/TADILB/SA Link1/TADILB Stand Alone
Link1/TADILB/RK Link1/TADILB rack card
LL9.6+ LL 9.6 4 Wire/V.29 Pt./Pt.
LL9.6FP LL 9.6FP 4 Wire Fast Poll/V.29

DCB 202T Modem

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